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Where to purcahse Youngstown State University degree online?

purcahse Youngstown State University degree

Where to purcahse Youngstown State University degree online?
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Youngstown State University (YSU or Youngstown State) is a public university in Youngstown, Ohio. Founded in 1908, it was called Youngstown College in 1931, and in 1944 it passed the North Central Association for certification. As the educational needs of Mahoning Valley have changed, Youngstown College has grown significantly. In 1955, Youngstown College was renamed Youngstown University, and in 1967 it was renamed Youngstown State University. Youngstown State University is the easternmost member of the Ohio University system.
The university is composed of 5 undergraduate colleges including Cliff College of Creative Arts and Communication, Bigley Liberal Arts, Social Sciences and Education, Dr. Dominic A. and Helen M. Bitonte College of Health and Human Services, College of Science, etc. , Engineering and Mathematics, and Warren P. Williamson, Jr. School of Business Administration. [5] Youngstown State University has more than 150 undergraduate degree programs and 50 graduate degree programs, providing more than 12,000 students with a level of service to pursue a doctoral degree. In addition to the current student body, the university has more than 125,000 alumni nationwide and around the world.
Collectively referred to as the Penguins, the sports team of Youngstown State University participated in the I-level competition of the National College Athletic Association. The university is a member of all school team sports of the Horizon League, except football. It participates in the NCAA football tournament subdivision as a member of the Missouri Valley Football Conference.