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Can I purchase a Xavier University certificate in the USA?

purchase a Xavier University certificate

Can I purchase a Xavier University certificate in the USA?
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Xavier University is the fourth oldest Jesuit university in the United States and the sixth oldest Catholic university in the United States. The school was founded in 1831[12] as a man's downtown University Cincinnati next to the dance street of St. Francis Church. On October 17, 1831, the church, then known as the Temple of Athena, was patronized by Bishop Edward Fenwick to Saint Francis Xavier. At the request of Bishop John Baptist Purcell, the Jesuits changed its name to Saint Xavier’s College in 1840 to commemorate the 16th-century Spanish Jesuit missionary Saint Francis Xavier Like Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Society of Jesuits, they are both Spanish Basques.
Saint Xavier College purchased 26 acres (0.11 km2) of land from the Avondale Sports Club in 1912 and moved to Norwood, which is currently located about 5 miles (8.0 km) north of downtown Cincinnati. The "primitive" Anthenaeum is now the hotbed of the Diocese of Cincinnati. St. Xavier College and St. Xavier High School were formally separated in 1919, but it was not until 1934 that they achieved financial independence. In 1930, the name of the school was changed to the current name Xavier University for the second time.
Xavier began enrolling women in 1969, but women began to attend classes in the evenings, weekends, and summer schools in 1914. Edgecliff College, another Catholic college in Cincinnati, merged with Xavier University in 1980.
In 2000, Xavier opened the door to the Cintas Center, an arena for musketeers.