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Vanderbilt University duplicate Diploma

Vanderbilt University (formerly known as Vandy or VU) is a private research university located in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1873 and is named in honor of Cornelius Vanderbilt, a shipping and railroad tycoon who provided the school with an initial $1 million donation. Vanderbilt hopes that his contributions and the greater efforts of the university will help heal the local wounds caused by the Civil War.
Vanderbilt University enrolls approximately 13,500 students from the United States and more than 100 foreign countries. It is classified as "R1: Doctoral University-High Research Activity". Several research centers and institutions are alliances with universities, including the Robert Pen Warren Center for Humanities Freedom Forum, the First Amendment Center, and the Dell Observatory. Vanderbilt University Medical Center (formerly part of the university) became an independent institution in 2016. Except for the off-campus observatory, all university facilities are located on its 330 acres (1.3 km2). ) The campus is located in the center of Nashville, 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) from the city center.
The fugitives and southern peasants attended university in the first half of the 20th century and helped revive southern literature. Vanderbilt (Vanderbilt) is a founding member of the Southeastern Conference and is the only private school in the conference for half a century.
Vanderbilt alumni, faculty and staff include 53 current and former U.S. Congressmen, 18 U.S. ambassadors, 13 governors, ten billionaires, seven Nobel laureates, two U.S. vice presidents and two U.S. Judge of the Supreme Court. Other well-known alumni include three Pulitzer Prize winners, 27 Rhodes Scholars, two Oscar winners, one Grammy Award winner, six MacArthur Fellows, four foreign heads of state and five Olympic medal winners By. Vanderbilt has more than 145,000 alumni and 40 alumni clubs worldwide.