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How to take a University of Warwick Diploma?

University of Warwick Diploma

How to take a University of Warwick Diploma?
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The University of Warwick (/w ^ ɒr ɪ ķ / WORR -ik; Warw for short. Letters after the name) is a public research university in the suburbs of Coventry between the West Midlands and Warwickshire, England . The university was established in 1965 as part of the government's plan to expand higher education. The Warwick Business School was established in 1967, the Warwick University Law School was established in 1968, the Warwick Manufacturing Group (WMG) was established in 1980, and the Warwick Medical School was established in 2000. Warwick established the Coventry School of Education in 1979 and the International Institute of Horticultural Research in 2004.
The Warwick campus is mainly located on the outskirts of Coventry, covering an area of ​​290 hectares (720 acres). It has a satellite campus in Wellsbourne and a base in the Shard base in central London. It is divided into three colleges-arts, sciences, engineering and medicine, and social sciences-which have 32 departments. As of 2019, Warwick has approximately 26,531 full-time students and 2,492 academic and research staff. The consolidated income for 2019/20 was 679.9 million pounds, of which 131.7 million pounds came from research grants and contracts. The Warwick Art Center is a multi-site art complex on the main campus of the university. It is the largest venue of its kind in the UK, not in London.
The University of Warwick enrolls an average of 4,950 undergraduates out of 38,071 applicants (7.7 applicants per place).
Warwick’s members are AACSB, the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of MBAs, EQUIS, the Association of European Universities, the Innovation Group in the Midlands, the Russell Group, Sutton 13 and the University of the United Kingdom. It is the only European member of the Center for Urban Science and Progress in collaboration with New York University. The university has a wide range of business activities, including Warwick University Science Park and Warwick Manufacturing Group.