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How to take a University of Texas at El Paso Diploma?

 University of Texas at El Paso Diploma

How to take a University of Texas at El Paso Diploma?
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The University of El Paso (UTEP) in Texas is a public research university in El Paso, Texas. It is a member of the University of Texas System. UTEP is the second largest university in the United States after the University of Texas at Rio Grande Valley, with a majority of Mexican Americans (about 80%). It is classified as "R1: Doctoral University-High Research Activity". The University’s School of Engineering is the nation’s top manufacturer of Hispanic engineers with MS and Ph.D. degree.
UTEP is home to the Sun Bowl Stadium, which hosts the annual college football game Sun Bowl every winter.
The campus is one of the few buildings in the world with an architectural style outside of Bhutan or Tibet. It sits on a hillside overlooking the Rio Grande River, and Ciudad Juarez is just across the border between Mexico and the United States.
On April 16, 1913, the governor of Texas signed the SB 183 agreement to allocate funds for the new educational institution (later UTEP), making it the second oldest academic institution in the University of Texas system. The school officially opened on September 28, 1914, when 27 students were in the former El Paso Military Academy building near Lanoria Mesa (Lanoria Mesa), near Fort Bliss. The school was founded in 1913 as a state school for mining and metallurgy, and practiced mine survival on the campus. By 1916, the number of students had increased to 39, including the first two female students Ruth Brown and Grace Odell.
On October 29, 1916, a devastating fire destroyed the main building of the school, prompting its relocation. In 1917, new school facilities were built on the current site above Mundy Heights in Paso del Norte, and the land was donated by several residents of El Paso. At a time, the style of American architects was especially from Europe. Catherine Worrell, the wife of the dean of the university, was attracted by the photo to take the National Geographic magazine issued by the Kingdom of Bhutan in 1914, which shows the architectural style of the dzong. Buddhist temple.
The similarities between Bhutan's local topography and mountainous features inspired her to propose a Zongzong style design for the early buildings of the mining school. In view of its uniqueness, government departments continue to choose this style as other facilities, including the Sun Bowl football field and parking garage. The Dzong building has features such as sloping sides, obvious overhanging roofs and colorful decorative strips.
The name of the Board of Trustees of the University of Texas was first renamed the Department of Mining and Metallurgy in 1919, and then renamed the School of Mining and Metallurgy of the University of Texas (TCM) in 1920. Joined Texas Western College of the University of Texas (TWC) in 1949.
Notable events on UTEP include the training of the United States' first peace team course in 1961, the construction of the Sun Bowl Stadium in 1963, and the victory of the NCAA basketball game in 1966.