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University of London Birkbeck College Diploma

university of london birkbeck college diploma

Birkbeck College is a research-oriented academic institution with four Nobel Prize winners and more than 90% of academic staff dedicated to research.
One of the entrances to the teaching building of Birkbeck College in 1823
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And academic research ability has been excellent in various evaluations. In 2006, Birkbeck College of the University of London won the Queen's
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Choice Award for the University of the Year for its outstanding research level. In the 2008 Research Assessment (RAE) sponsored by the UK Higher
Education Commission, 12 faculties were rated as having the highest scores of 5* and 5 with international excellence. Among them are 5* grades
including English, history and Spanish, and 5 grades include crystallography, earth science, economics, art history, law, philosophy, political science,
psychology and German. In the RAE scores published by the Guardian in 2001, Birkbeck scored 13th in the UK, and 10 subjects entered the top
ten in the country, including: English majors in the UK, history in the UK, economics and measurement.
Majors in economics, earth sciences, psychology, political science, and international studies rank among the top five in the UK