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Universiti Teknologi Petronas  diploma

UTP strongly encourages its students to develop in areas other than academics and sports. There are various clubs and societies for students to sign up according to their interests, such as contemporary music, traditional music, dance, photography, gamelan and string ensemble clubs. The club’s practice room and studio are located one block next to the gymnasium. Among the largest events include the annual color tapestry concert, the World Color Festival, the Gamelan International Music Festival and "Yueyin: Inter-School Battle Between Bands". The club also regularly sends teams abroad to participate in world-class competitions, such as the Cheonan World Dance Festival in South Korea and the Istanbul Folk Dance and Music Festival in Turkey.
Basic courses are provided for students who are registered for STP level or other equivalent UTP levels to prepare them for degree courses. New students at the STPM level or other equivalent levels are exempt from basic courses. Other newly admitted diploma graduates are exempted from certain courses based on their academic performance and the courses taken in the diploma program.
Currently, UTP offers three foundation courses, seven bachelor engineering degree programs, three science degree programs, three bachelor technology degree programs and one bachelor business management degree program.