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Where can I buy a premium Universiti Sains Malaysia degree?

Universiti Sains Malaysia degree

Where can I buy a premium Universiti Sains Malaysia degree?
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The University of Science in Malaysia (USM) is a public research university in Malaysia. It was established on June 1, 1969. It is a statutory body with its own charter and one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in northern Malaysia. It has three campuses: the main campus on Penang Island, the health campus in Kelantan and the engineering campus in Nibong Tebal. Currently, it is cooperating with KLE University in India overseas to provide a doctor of medicine (USM) undergraduate degree. USM plans to open a global campus (Kuala Lumpur campus) in Kuala Lumpur Education City (KLCE).
With approximately 28,300 graduate and undergraduate students in 2009, [8] USM is one of the largest universities in Malaysia. The number of lecturers is approximately 1,479, and the ratio of students to lecturers is approximately 19:1.
USM is a government-funded Autonomous University of Excellence (APEX) just to accelerate the program in Malaysia.