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Where can I purchase duplicate Université de Montréal degree?

Université de Montréal degree

Where can I purchase duplicate Université de Montréal degree?
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Since 1889, the Holy See has granted administrative autonomy to this branch of the University of Laval. From then on, you can choose professors and award your own diplomas. M gr Bruchési managed to obtain the full autonomy of the Pontifical University on May 8, 1919, after which it will be called the "University of Montreal". On February 14, 1920, a provincial law formalized everything9. The metropolis is finally independent of the capital. Between 1919 and 1921, three fires broke out in the university building, forcing it to use part of the subscription funds for reconstruction, so this birth was painful. Despite this, seven new colleges were established: philosophy, literature, science, veterinary medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and social, economic, and political sciences, and affiliated schools were merged between 1920 and 1925. According to its new status, it is a civilian university, and Édouard Montpetit was the first layman to establish a college: the Faculty of Social Sciences.
Unlike English universities such as McGill University, UdeM has problems with fundraising for two reasons: the relative poverty of the French-speaking population in Montreal and the management of the University of Quebec. By fostering a sense of belonging among Montrealers, autonomy helps a lot on the last point. In 1930, according to the plan of the architect Ernest Cormier (Ernest Cormier), sufficient funds were accumulated to begin construction of the new UdeM building on Mount Royal.
The university is now crowded in the Latin Quarter and had to move the house there, but the economic crisis of the 1930s stagnated construction in 1931, and the management even considered selling the building to pay employees and teachers. In 1939, due to funding problems, the university was placed under the supervision of the provincial government, which injected funds, which would lead to the restart of construction in 1941.
Therefore, it was not until 1943, 300 years after Maisonneuve planted his cross there, that she settled on the side of Mount Royal. During the Second World War, some of its uninhabited houses were used for other purposes. From 1943 to 1945, in the west wing of the main building, as part of the Manhattan Project, scientists secretly worked on the nuclear reactor. Nuclear history will remember the name of the famous French-speaking science activist Pierre Demers, even though he worked there without his knowledge.