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The University of Central Florida (often referred to as UCF) was founded in 1963. It is the largest undergraduate public education university in Florida,
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and is the second largest university in the United States and one of the three major optical centers in the United States. By 2008,
the school had a total of 50,000 students from undergraduate to doctoral. In order to offer academic degrees and special professional degrees,
the school has established 12 colleges and offers nearly 100 different courses on the main campus where most students attend.
The school is located approximately 21 kilometers east of downtown Orlando, and 89 kilometers east of it is the famous “Detong Beach”.
Since the 1990s, the University of Central Florida has grown rapidly,  UCF transcript, buy duplicate degree of UCF, and her influence has expanded throughout Florida and has 
12 satellite campuses in the East Central region of Florida. By 2006, as more and more people started to apply each year, the admission rate dropped
from 61% to 46%. By 2008, the number of new graduate applicants reached 25,000, and the acceptance rate fell to 38%. 
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The average SAT score for students enrolled in the fall semester of 2008 was 1219, ACT score 26, and average high school GPA was 3.76.