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How to get Temple University duplicate degree online

Temple University duplicate degree

How to get Temple University duplicate degree online
The main campus is located in North Philadelphia, about 1.5 miles (2.4 kilometers) north of the central city. It covers an area of 163.58 acres (66.20 hectares).
There are historic landmark buildings on the campus. O'Connor Plaza surrounds the founders' gardens (Ponett Walk and Liacouras Walk). [12] The mascot of the university, the bronze statue of an owl, is the center of the main campus.
Founder's Garden near Liacouras Walk is the graveyard of Russell Conwell, the founder and 38-year-old president of Temple. [13] The bust of Cornwell marks his grave. The clock tower is a landmark building on the campus. It is 96 feet (29 m) high and is located in the center of the main campus, between Paley Hall and Beury Hall. The surrounding plaza and turf area are often called "beach" or "Buri beach".
Another green area on the main campus is Johnny Circle. It is located near Mitten Hall and houses the statue of Johnny Spirit who was personally ordered by Cornwell during the Civil War.