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Can buy a premium University of London Diploma to apply the job?

premium University of London Diploma

Can buy a premium University of London Diploma to apply the job?
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University College London (UCL) was established in 1826 under the name "University of London" (but not recognized by the state). As a secular alternative to Oxford and Cambridge universities, degrees from Oxford and Cambridge universities are limited to the established Church of England the member of. Due to the controversy surrounding the establishment of UCL, King's College London was established as an Anglican College under the Royal Charter in 1829.
In 1830, UCL applied to the Royal Charter University to allow it to award degrees. This was rejected, but was updated in 1834. In this regard, the London School of Medicine opposes "exclusive rights." The Medical Press discussed the idea of ​​establishing a general degree-granting institution for schools. And the evidence adopted by the Medical Education Task Force. However, a bill to open up the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge has led to new pressure on government dissidents to grant degree-granting powers, and will not apply to religious testing institutions, especially because of the New Durham University. The degree will also be closed to non-Anglicans.
In 1835, the government announced that it would respond to University College London's statute application. Two statutes will be issued, one to University College London, which will be merged into a college instead of a university, without the right to award degrees, and the second one "establishes a city university with the right to award degrees to people who should study at University College London , Or in any similar institution, His Majesty may be named after this."
After the bylaws were promulgated on November 28, 1836, the new University of London began to formulate degree regulations in March 1837. However, the death of William IV in June caused a problem-the statute was in "Our Royal Will and Happiness", meaning it was cancelled by the king's death. Queen Victoria issued a second charter on December 5, 1837, reuniting the universities. The university awarded its first degree in 1839, all to students from University College London and King's College.
This university, established under the charters of 1836 and 1837, is essentially an examination committee with the power to award degrees in art, law, and medicine. However, the university does not have the power to confer a degree in theology and is considered to be a senior teacher of the other three British universities. In medicine, universities have the right to decide which medical schools provide adequate medical training. In contrast, in terms of arts and law, it will review students from University College London, King's College or any other royally authorized institution, effectively letting the government control which institutions can submit students for university exams. Apart from this right for students to take exams, there is no other connection between colleges and universities.