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How much does it cost to get premium University of Kuala Lumpur certificate?

premium University of Kuala Lumpur certificate

How much does it cost to get premium University of Kuala Lumpur certificate?
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The Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT), formerly known as Institut Infotech MARA, has been providing IT education since 1982. It was originally MARA’s School of Electronic Data Processing, and its goal was to teach computer programming knowledge.
This 31-storey urban campus building has a lobby area of ​​7,201 square feet and a mezzanine floor. It is a student consultation and discussion area. Facilities include wards, gymnasium, Bestari lecture hall with a capacity of 225 people, three-story library area with IT resource center, six incubators, 30 lecture rooms and a studio. Grades 4 to 24 are used for academic purposes, mainly for lectures. Starting from the 25th level is the administrative level, which includes the Dean’s Office, Research and Graduate School, Preparatory Center, Teaching and Learning Center, Quality Assurance Center, Student Entrepreneurship Center, Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Corporate Affairs and Entrepreneur Development and Innovation department. The presidential office is on the 31st floor.
These 31 laboratories include multimedia laboratories, JAVA/Ms.NET laboratories, Rational laboratories, network laboratories, CAD-CAM laboratories, CNC simulator laboratories, CAD and design laboratories, CCM and metrology laboratories, Machinery and materials laboratory, mechatronics laboratory, graduate project laboratory, simulation laboratory and language laboratory.