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How to take a University of Kent Diploma?

take a University of Kent Diplom

How to take a University of Kent Diploma?
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The University of Kent in Canterbury received the Royal Charter on January 4, 1965, and the first group of 500 students arrived in October of the same year. On March 30, 1966, Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, officially became the first prime minister.
The university is conceived as a university institution where most students live in one of the colleges on campus and specialize in interdisciplinary research in all fields. Over the years, changes in government policies and other ever-changing needs have largely undermined this initial concept, leading to the current state, which is closer to the normal state of British universities. However, the original four colleges-Darwin College, Elliott College, Keynes College, and Rutherford College-and the newer Woolf College and Turing College still exist, each with its own master's degree.
Throughout the 1960s, the university developed rapidly, and by the end of the century, the three colleges and many other buildings on the campus had been completed. The 1970s saw further construction, but the university also encountered the biggest physical problem in history. The university was built above the tunnel of the abandoned Canterbury and Whitstable railway. In July 1974, the tunnel collapsed and part of the Cornwallis building was damaged. The building sank nearly one meter in about an hour on the evening of July 11. Fortunately, the university has subsidence insurance, so it can cover the cost of demolishing the southwest corner of the building and replacing it with a new wing at the other end of the building.
Unix computers came out in 1976, and UKC established the first UUCP test service for Bell Labs in the United States in 1979. UKC provided the first connection for non-academic users in the early 1980s.
In 1982, the university opened the Tonbridge University Center (now the University of Kent Tonbridge) for its School of Continuing Education, which helped increase the availability of teaching throughout the county. Other buildings include the Parkwood Accommodation Village and Darwin House in 1989.
In the 1990s and 2000s, the university expanded its original campus, established campuses in Medway, Tonbridge and Brussels, and established cooperation with Canterbury College, West Kent College, South Kent College, and Middle Kent College Partnerships