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Where can I get a premium University of Kent degree from UK

premium University of Kent degree

Where can I get a premium University of Kent degree from UK
A university in Canterbury was first considered in 1947. The expected increase in the number of students at that time caused several residents to seek to establish a new university, including Kent. However, these plans were never realized. Ten years later, population growth and increased demand for university degrees led to reconsideration. In 1959, the Kent County Council Education Committee discussed the establishment of a new university and formally accepted the proposal on February 24, 1960. Two months later, the Board of Education agreed to find a location in or near Canterbury. With the support of the Canterbury City Council, the historical association of the city.
By 1962, a piece of land was discovered on Beverley Farm, straddling the border between the city of Canterbury and the administrative county of Kent. The original name of this university, chosen in 1962, is the University of Kent at Canterbury, reflecting the fact that the campus spans the border between the county borough of Canterbury and the Kent County Council. At that time, the usual practice was to name the university according to the town where the university was located. The first proposed were "University of Kent" and "University of Canterbury". The name adopted reflects the support of the city and county authorities. And the existence of the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, which officially opposes the use of names that are too similar to its name. The acronym "UKC" became a popular acronym for universities.