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Where to purchase a phony Université de Genève degree?

Université de Genève degree

Where to purchase a phony Université de Genève degree?
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The University of Geneva (UNIGE or sometimes UniGE, or UGE) is a public university city and the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland. It was founded by Jean Calvin in 1559 under the name of "Académie de Genève". It was originally a Protestant theology and humanist seminary, and then went through a long process of secularization.
In terms of number of students, UNIGE is the third largest university in Switzerland, with the proportion of international students approaching 40% in 20174. It offers more than 25 bachelor's, 100 master's and 80 doctoral degrees. In 2016, the university ranked 53rd among the world universities in the academic ranking of world universities by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, QS in the 95 levels of the world university rankings and 131 were ranked 1st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
The activities of the University of Geneva focus on teaching, urban services, and basic and applied scientific research developed in various fields. This versatility is reflected in the institution's 5 nine colleges and fourteen centers and inter-academic institutes.