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How to buy a premium Universität Wien diploma in Österreich?

premium Universität Wien diploma

How to buy a premium Universität Wien diploma in Österreich?
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At the University of Vienna (Latin: Alma Mater Rudolphina Vindobonensis), with 90,000 students and approximately 9,800 employees, it is the world's largest university in Austria and the largest in German-speaking countries and Europe. Established in Vienna in 1365, it is the oldest university in the German-speaking region today, the third oldest in Central Europe, the former German after Charles University in Prague and Jagiellonian University in Krakow. It currently offers 178 studies. It is considered to be the top university in Austria and enjoys a high reputation internationally.
In layman's terms, the University of Vienna and its main building are called the main university to distinguish it from other universities in the city (technical university, business school, medical university, etc.).
This medieval university is housed in various buildings in the Stuenviertel in the center of Vienna. Her first house was Herzogskolleg, which opened in 1385 and is located in today’s Postgasse 7-9. After incorporating the Jesuit University into the university in 1623, the early Baroque Jesuit University was built on the same site, which, together with the University Chapel and some supplements, still remains today as a university for the elderly, and contains, for example, Archives at the University of Vienna. In 1753/55, Maria Theresa built a new main building, a new auditorium, next to the Jesuit College. The auditorium was the central meeting place during the revolution of 1848. After the uprising was violently suppressed, the university was occupied by the army and the students were expelled; the building was handed over to the Academy of Sciences in 1857. The research was conducted in a temporary replacement dormitory.
Main building