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Buying a premium Sorbonne University diploma.

premium Sorbonne University diploma.

Buying a premium Sorbonne University diploma.
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Robert de Sorbon (1201–1274), the pastor of King Louis IX (St. Louis), observed the difficulties faced by poor “school children” in obtaining a doctor’s position. In February 1257, he formally owned a house (dwelling) for certain secular clergy. They lived in a common place, did not care about their material existence, and would be completely occupied by learning and teaching. The house was named Sorbonne University.
The company's old slogan was "Sorbonne University, the creator of futures since 1257." The Sorbonne was closed to all other schools before it, along with the University of Paris in 1793.
The Sorbonne College is located on the current site of the Sorbonne University building, the Sorbonne University and the shared Paris I University (Paris I) and the Sorbonne University novella (Paris III).
The law promulgated on April 28, 1893 granted citizenship to an institution composed of multiple colleges and faculties. The law was promulgated on July 10, 1896, giving the name of the university to the institution. The new University of Paris was established in 1896. Established in the year. The division of the Faculty of Science, the Faculty of Law in the Faculty of Letters, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Protestant Theology (founded in 1877 and turned into a free teacher in 1905) and the Ecole de Paris, PHARMACIE.
It was opened on November 19, 1896 by President Félix Faure.
University of Paris split
The universities of Paris Sorbonne and Pierre-et al-Marie Curie were created by Edgar Fuer in 1968 as a result of the reform of the university.
At that time, the University of Paris was divided into five departments, divided into several interdisciplinary universities. Some universities, including the Paris Sorbonne University, have retained the name of "Sorbonne University" and kept their school buildings in the historical center of the University of Paris.
Therefore, the University of Paris Sorbonne mainly gathered "right-wing" professors, while the "sages on Sorbonne" of the University of Paris I were labeled as "leftists". This explains different scientific directions. Taking social history as an example, Paris-Sorbonne gave a historical explanation through the history of Roland Mousnier, and has always been far from Marx’s analysis of Boris Porchnev. Boris Bohinev was highly praised in Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne.
The Paris Academy of Sciences, founded by most of the teaching and research units at the University of Paris VI (others joined Paris-VII Diderot (now the University of Paris), Paris-Saclay University Orsay, Paris XII and Paris XIII In Vilnius (Villetaneuse) and part of the Paris School of Medicine (others joined Paris V. René Descartes University (now Paris University), Paris VII Dennis Diderot and Paris XIII the University).