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Where can I purchase premium Royal College of Pathologists degree?

 premium Royal College of Pathologists degree

Where can I purchase premium Royal College of Pathologists degree?
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The Royal College of Pathologists is a professional membership organization that maintains the standards and reputation of British pathology through training, assessment, examination and professional development. It is a registered charity, not a union. Its 11,000 members work in hospital laboratories, universities, and industry worldwide.
The College of Pathologists was established in 1962 to optimize the cultivation of relatively young scientific graduates in pathology during the diagnosis process. It attaches great importance to it and expands the scope of its special research. The college received a royal charter in 1970, and its patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
Training and examination
The Royal College of Pathologists Scholarship Examination (FRCPath) is the main assessment method for pathology training in the UK-assessing the candidate’s training plan, indicating suitability for the profession, and also marking the beginning of independent practice and continuous professional development. After successful completion, Participants will be awarded scholarship qualifications from the Royal College of Pathologists.
Scholarships can also be awarded based on submitted published works, but this does not contribute to the issuance of training completion certificates, nor is it a sign of being appointed as a consultant or unsupervised practice qualification.
The college runs a national program to supervise the continuing education of pathologists in clinical practice and sponsor seminars, lectures and courses.