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How to achieve premium Korea University transcript?

premium Korea University transcript

How to achieve premium Korea University transcript?
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Korea University was founded as Bosung College on May 5, 1905 by the royal treasurer Lee Young-ik. The first university president was Hae-Uoung Shin. As a nationalist academic institution, it was regarded as a symbol of national pride during the colonial period (1910-1945).
Today's Korea University came into being, and Bosung College must endure many hardships. Soon after the establishment of Bosong College, the "Korea-Japan Protocol" was signed. The founder of Bosong College, Li Yongyi, went into exile abroad and led the anti-Japanese movement. His exile has brought financial difficulties to the agency. Fortunately, however, Sohn Byong-Hee, the leader of the nationalist, religious and political movement Chundokyo at the time, took over the management of the institution, thus overcoming the first financial crisis.
By 1929, due to the global economic recession, the foundation once again faced a severe financial crisis. When Kim Seong-su became the dean of the academy in 1932, he was rescued. At that time, Kim Jong-sung managed Zhongan High School and the daily newspaper Dong-A Ilbo.
In 2005, Korea University celebrated its 100th anniversary on May 5.
In March, the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences merged into the School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology. At the same time, the Junior School of Health Sciences was abolished and merged into the newly established, highly developed School of Health Sciences.
Currently, Korea University is composed of 16 faculties and departments, 18 graduate schools, and 11 auxiliary facilities, including a library, museum, and public relations press office.