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How to purchase a premium Institute of Cost Accountants of India transcript

premium Institute of Cost Accountants of India transcript

How to purchase a premium Institute of Cost Accountants of India transcript
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The Cost and Management Accountants Institute of India (ICMAI) was established in 1944 (June 14, 1944) in accordance with the provisions of the Company Act of 1913 at the time. It was originally a registered limited company, and its original goal was to promote, regulate and develop the cost of the industry Accounting. After independence, when the Indian Parliament promulgated the "Cost and Engineering Accountants Act" (Act No. 23 of 1959) on May 28, 1959, a special bill to grant ICMAI/ICoAI statutory recognition, the institute received statutory recognition (ICWAI at the time) As an autonomous professional organization, its goal was to promote, standardize and develop the cost and management accounting profession.
The CWA amendment bill in 2011 was passed by both houses of the Indian Parliament. Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha were established on December 12, 2011, and were approved by the Honorable President of India on January 12, 2012. These changes were announced in the Indian Official Gazette on January 13, 2012. As of now, ICMAI has 85,000 active members.
The institute conducts high-standard research and development in the field of accounting. Recently, according to a notice from the University Grants Committee (UGC) of India, a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in India is eligible to obtain a PhD degree from any Indian university.
In addition, ICMAI/ICoAI's Certified Management Accounting (CMA), also known as Cost and Management Accounting (previously known as Cost and Work Accounting (CWA)) courses are recognized by the UK NARIC as equivalent to the UK post-graduation program.
ICoAI/ICMAI has offices all over the world, just to name a few in the United States (Washington office) and the United Kingdom (London office).