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Can I buy premium East Tennessee State University of Science degree?

 premium East Tennessee State University of Science degree

Can I buy premium East Tennessee State University of Science degree?
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ETSU was founded in 1911 as the East Tennessee State Normal School for the purpose of educating teachers. To this day, the K-12 training school called University College has been operating. East Tennessee State University officially changed its name to University in 1925, and later changed its name to East Tennessee State Teachers College, and was subsequently accredited by the Association of Southern Colleges and Middle Schools in 1927. By 1930, the name of the school was changed again to East Tennessee State Teachers College. Johnson City College. In 1943, East Tennessee State Teachers College expanded into a college offering various liberal arts courses and became East Tennessee State College. The university became East Tennessee State University in 1963 and adopted its current name. In 1973, Shelbridge became the president's official residence.
ETSU announced plans to open a school of pharmacy in 2005 and quickly obtained local support to ensure approval. Shortly after graduating from the first class of the Bill Gatton School of Pharmacy, he was fully certified in June 2010.
In December 2007, the School of Public and United Health was divided into two new schools, namely the School of Public Health and the School of Clinical and Rehabilitation Health Sciences. Both are part of the ETSU Health Sciences Department, which also includes the James H. Quillen School of Medicine, the Bill Gatton School of Pharmacy, and the School of Nursing.
In the second half of 2009, the Tennessee Commission of Higher Education and the Tennessee Regent Commission authorized the establishment of a doctorate program in exercise physiology and kinesiology. This program is the first of its kind in the United States and focuses on sports science and physiology in sports science. It started in 2010 and focuses on exercise physiology and sports performance.