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The premium Diploma Otago Polytechnic University for sale here

premium Diploma Otago Polytechnic University

The premium Diploma Otago Polytechnic University for sale here
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The history of Otago Institute of Technology can be traced back to Dunedin Technical School, which was established in 1889 to provide evening courses for workers. In 1909, it was expanded to provide one-day classes for middle school students. In 1914, the name was changed to King Edward Institute of Technology.
In 1921, the college took over Dunedin College of Art, which was the first art college established in 1870 in New Zealand. The college has further expanded its scale by receiving night and day education of apprentices, technicians and professionals. In 1966, the college was divided into a middle school (later renamed Logan Park High School) and Otago Institute of Technology, the latter opened on February 1, 1966.
On April 1, 2020, Otago Institute of Technology and 15 other institutes of technology were merged into the New Zealand Institute of Skills and Technology.
The Otago Central Campus of Otago Institute of Technology is located in Cromwell, at the corner of Molyneux Ave and Erris St, and has other facilities on Bannockburn Road. Plans are underway to integrate these locations in the Bannockburn Road neighborhood. The courses offered include long and short courses in cooking, business and gardening. Cardrona Alpine Resort and Aspiring Mountain College provide ski and snowboard instruction and avalanche safety certification. The Central Campus of Otago Polytechnic launched the Highland Agriculture Qualification in 2014, which is the only one in New Zealand. On the campus of Otago Central University and Queenstown, there are two community learning centers that provide computer courses and can provide career guidance and study assistance to Otago Institute of Technology students. In 2009, the two community learning centers in Wanaka and Alexandra closed.