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Where can I get a premium BPP University degree?

premium BPP University degree

Where can I get a premium BPP University degree?
The university is named after its founders Alan Brierley, Richard Price and Charles Prior, who established Brierley Price Prior in 1975 to train and train accounting students. BPP obtained the degree-granting authority for the first time in 2007 and will grant the degree-granting authority indefinitely in 2020.
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In March 2013, the University-University Alliance sent a letter to the then British Business Secretary Vince Cable, urging him to shelve his BPP application for a university degree, pending investigation into its relationship with the parent company. He said: " There are risks to the interests of BPP students and the international reputation of British university titles."
On August 8, 2013, BPP University Professional College was awarded the title of university and changed its name to BPP University. The alliance of universities and colleges criticized the move to grant BPP university status in an open letter. In November 2013, BPP was awarded the title of "2013 Senior/Professional Education Provider" by "Education Investor" magazine.
In September 2017, Times Higher Education reported that BPP had failed to meet the standards of the General Dental Council after only one year after opening the course in 2016, and therefore had closed its dentistry and oral science degree courses , And take effect immediately. Existing undergraduates face an uncertain future.
In June 2017, BPP was rated as "Bronze Medal" in the "Excellent Teaching Framework", which is supported by the government and aims to make the teaching standards of students more transparent. Among them, the categories of educational institutions are "Gold Medal", "Silver Medal" and "silver medal". "Bronze medal" is the lowest grade.
BPP's Bachelor of Laws Program (LL.B.) was first established in 2009 and was suspended in May 2018, pending the review of the entire curriculum portfolio of the law school. The registration of LL.B. dropped from 665 undergraduates in 2014 to 105 students in 2017. As a bachelor of law, in July 2018. After suspension, Legal Cheek revealed that BPP has laid off staff at its Waterloo campus