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How to get a premium Africa Nazarene University degree

premium Africa Nazarene University degree

How to get a premium Africa Nazarene University degree
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The Australian National University is a private Christian university and an institution of the International Church of Nazareth. Its mission and vision follow the Wesleyan tradition of holiness. It was established to prepare for ministerial and general leaders of the church. The Church of Nazareth tried to respond to the challenges faced by African society in the early 1980s through higher education institutions. More importantly, Africa Nazarene University is committed to shaping the younger generation in an environment of integrity based on Christians. According to the 1985 "Kenya University Act" (Regulations on the establishment of private universities in Kenya), the church settled in Kenya, and as the place where the University of Nazareth was founded, the university became the first university outside North America.
In July 1993, at a conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, after a unanimous vote of its members, the church board authorized the establishment of a university in Africa. Through the founder of the university, the church continues to negotiate with the University Education Committee and then the Higher Education Committee (CHE) to establish a degree-granting institution. Therefore, on November 23, 1993, CHE, on behalf of the Kenyan government, issued the university’s temporary authorization to authorize the university to establish the foundation for the development of ANU, and therefore the university was authorized by law.
In August 1994, Dr. Martha John, the first deputy prime minister of ANU, opened the university’s gates to 62 students from 11 African countries who participated in theology and business administration undergraduate courses and religion Master of Arts program. A year later, the university introduced a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and welcomed 42 other students.
Professor Leah Marangu took over from Dr. John in January 1996 and was appointed as the vice president in February 1997. On October 8, 2002, the university was awarded the Charter (Qualification Certificate) by the Kenyan government, which made ANU the first private university to obtain a certificate under the new law without violating any other local and overseas universities.