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The research results of that year have attracted the attention of the whole of Britain and even Europe and the whole world. print premium Open Universdity degree. free premium Open Universdity bachelors degree certificate. Who has premium masters degree online?  how to premium a Open Universdity degree ?on a resum. how to make premium bachelor degree?can you make a premium bachelor's degree? 
picture of premium medical degree. get a premium associates degree, free premium dr degreeIs the People ’s Charter published in 1990? 》 The book published in 1949, the effect of the “National Parks and Owning Village Laws”, and today ’s increasingly problematic environment, pointed out the contradiction between agriculture and national parks and found the damage caused by tourists It is the most important major step in environmental issues following the "National Parks and Countryside Law".
The University Biomagnetism Research Group has successfully developed an extremely micromagnetometer. It is one of the fastest growing scientific fields in the world to use the high-speed computer to study the thinking process of the human brain with the data measured by the extremely small magnetometer. This algorithmic step was announced in 1989 after the 7th International Conference on Biomagnetic Fields in New York, which caused the world. Convert to an algorithmic step to produce a three-dimensional image. This algorithmic step to draw an electroencephalogram can solve the mystery of a mess of information. The great interest of scholars.

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In July 1991, this group won the Space Earth Research Commission ’s £ 520,000 Circulation Award, Buy premium Open Universdity degree online. which was awarded only to the research group with exceptional results. The research team made its own giant. Spectrometer, 1000 times more sensitive than commercial spectrometer. The team used it to analyze the chemical composition of a meteorite sample, and believed that it was most likely from Mars (provided by other planetary research teams to determine the isotope of the gas in it and the results obtained by Vargin on the Mars trip in 1970), and It was found that this Martian sample contained a very small amount of organic matter. Regardless of whether this can be regarded as "life", this discovery takes the first step in the understanding of Martian inanimate matter to living matter.
Opening to Europe and the world has always been one of the goals of universities. In 1989, the first director of the European and World Development Association came to the school association and "Go to the World" program. Occurred, the school has done the following work according to this plan:
Cooperate with other distance education schools in Europe in common course setting, credit conversion, certificate level conversion, research and research cooperation. It is planned to establish the first multilingual long distance course named "European Style".