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Where to buy premium Lebanese International University Certificate

 Lebanese International University Certificate

Where to buy premium Lebanese International University Certificate
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The Beirut campus is located in the Mouseitbeh residential area to the west of Beirut. It consists of seven buildings, from Block A to Block G.
The first building, as shown in the picture, is Block-A. This building is about five or six stories high, and the campus manager’s office is on the fifth floor.
The second building, Tower B, is much larger, about eight stories high. On the lower three floors, the university has an underground parking lot and two auditoriums. The main student facilities such as the Student Registry, Commercial Office, and Student Affairs Office are located on the first floor of the building. The university cafeteria can also be found in this story. The third building, Block-C, is almost the largest of the Blocks, about nine stories high. The two floors below are considered to be the parking lot, and Block C contains the mass communication office and special rooms as studios on his ninth floor.
Starting from the fall of 2011-2012, in addition to the dormitories for transfer students who moved to Beirut from other campuses, three new blocks will be built to receive the number of upcoming students, named Block D. Blocks E and G will each have their own Five floors.