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How much to purchase a false John Jay College of Criminal Justice Diploma?

John Jay College of Criminal Justice Diploma

How much to purchase a false John Jay College of Criminal Justice Diploma?
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The open admissions program of the City University of New York became effective in the fall of 1970. Adopting an open admissions policy means that the university will now provide a place for any high school graduates who wish to attend. At the City University of New York, the number of students has skyrocketed. In 1969, the number of undergraduates at John J. Jay University was 2,600; in 1970, it was 4,400; in 1972, it was 6,700; in 1973, it had 8,600. Between 1970 and 1972, the number of teachers increased by more than 200%. In addition, this policy has brought more "civilian" (non-law enforcement) students to the college. The large-scale and sudden growth of the school has had a profound impact. More of the college’s budget is used to assist in remedial plans for underprepared freshmen transitioning. In addition, the college has also broadened the curriculum to include liberal arts. Majors in English, mathematics, American studies, and chemistry were introduced during this period in the early 1970s. The SEEK program was also developed during this period to support students from impoverished backgrounds who showed academic potential.
President Riddle resigned as president of the University of Illinois at Chicago. From 1975 to 1977, Gerald W. Lynch served as acting president and was sworn in as president of the university in 1977, and he will hold that position until 2004.
With the development of the school, although the Miles Shoe Building on West 59th Street (North Hall) was acquired in 1969, its space was still limited. In 1973, John Jay rented the lobby of the former 20th Century Fox Building (South Hall) a few blocks north.