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I want to buy A premium PMP transcript and certificate?

 PMP transcript, PMP certificate

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PMP pass rate:
From the global point of view, the passing rate of PMP examination is only 20% – 30% on average. However, in the propaganda of most PMP training institutions in China, we often see that all institutions claim that the passing rate of PMP is high, and the passing rate of PMP can be said to be confused.
What is the pass rate of PMP training? At present, PMI has not published the PMP pass rate, and the data on the Internet are published by each PMP training institution. Because each training institution has different teachers and teaching methods, the passing rate of each training institution will be different.
In fact, the passing rate of PMP examination in China is indeed higher than that in the world. The real passing rate is about 60%, and the average excellent PMP training institutions can reach more than 85%. The most important thing is to try your best if you don't.

Where can I buy premium PMP certificate? 

The reason is that on the one hand, the Chinese are good at examinations; on the other hand, PMI has been implementing written examinations in China, rather than the PMP computer examination which is generally used for PMP certification in the world, which creates favorable conditions for the accumulation of PMP examination questions or knowledge points.
PMP Exam difficulty:
As for the types and contents of PMP examination questions, there are 200 single choice questions in PMP examination, of which 25 questions are not scored, and will be randomly selected. If you answer 106 questions correctly, you can pass the examination. The reference proportion is 106 / 175, 60.57% and it is estimated that you can pass the examination if you answer (106 + 25) questions correctly, and the reference proportion is 131 / 200, 65.5% are all single choice questions, and the examination time is sufficient for 4 hours.
PMP examination does not use direct score display, but uses B, m, P to express the result.
B-below proficient, not proficient;
M-moderately, moderately proficient;
P-proficient, proficient.
Generally speaking, if each process area is m and P, it can be passed. More than two B's are more mysterious. The specific result depends on the email PMI sent you (I've seen three B's too).
PMP is a popular qualification certification in it, communication, construction, and other high-tech industries. Both technology upgrading management and managers' ability improvement are inseparable from the theoretical system of PMP.
If you are preparing to apply for PMP certification, but you may not know a lot of basic information clearly, then the following content may help you.
1. Application conditions for PMP certification
1. Bachelor degree or equivalent, 4500 hours or 3 years project management experience;
2. Bachelor degree or below, or no degree, at least 7500 hours or 5 years of project management experience;
3. Meet any of the above conditions and have the 35pdu training certificate issued by PMI authorized training institution.
This will be issued on the fifth day of class. (it should be noted that formal training authorized by the Foreign Experts Bureau is required.)