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Interview with London based Chinese pianist Sunny Hu

At the age of 16, Sunny left her home in China to study at the Royal Academy of Music, UK. Now at 26, Sunny not only has performed in major concert halls and venues around the UK and Europe, does University of London offer higher certificate, fast diploma University of LondonUniversity of London transcript, and has won prestigious awards such as 2012 Liszt Memorable Prizes China-International Piano Open Competition (1st), 56th Grotrain-Steinweg Schumann International Competition (1st), 2016 Grand Prize Virtuoso International Competition (2nd), a photo of University of London certificate, fast chemical engineering University of London diploma, fast University of London qualification, and more. To add to her list of achievements, her album ‘Sunny Li Piano’ was selected as the best selling classical album on Amazon in 2016. University of London degree in human resources fast certificate to buy, University of London diploma folder, Most of us would remember her as the Chinese female pianist who caused a social media storm with over a million views, garnering much admiration as she played Rimsky-Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee on two pianos at the same time! For a song renowned for challenging the dexterity, accuracy and speed of any pianist, viewers took note of Sunny’s calm demeanor and composure throughout the one-minute clip. Her true intent? It was to introduce classical music in a fun and creative manner for a younger audience.  create fast cie result, dbs transcript University of London, degree certificates of University of London.