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Historic violin lent by Oxford University to Syrian refugee

Aboud Kaplo, 14, was forced out of his home in Aleppo and is now living in Lebanon.Film-maker Susie Attwood came across Aboud and saw his passion for music, but also his lack of an instrument.Oxford University has now lent the teenager the restored violin.The German-made violin is part of the Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, which has more than 2,000 examples of historic and modern instruments, tracing their development since the Middle Ages.They can be used by academics, students and researchers, buy degree certificate in malaysia, buy a graduation degree in india, Oxford University degree certificates for sale, fast gcse certificate creator in China, but for the first time an instrument from the collection is going to be lent to a young aspiring refugee musician.Curator Andy Lamb said that "the moment I read about this lad's situation" he thought the collection "could make some kind of positive contribution"."I immediately had an instrument in mind. It belonged to a former curator, replica open unversity degree certificate, hompson university canada fast, fast Oxford University certificates in USA,segi college kuala lumpur,  Dr Helene Larue, a very generous person, and I knew that if she had been confronted with this situation, she would have donated an instrument instantly."

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