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The Florida International University Degree, How To Get It?

Florida International University Degree

The campus location was originally used as a general aviation airport named Tamiami Airport (not to be confused with Kendall-Tamiami Airport), which operated from the 1940s to 1967. The airport has 3 runways, which are used for pilot training and among other purposes. Construction of the FIU campus began in 1965 and the airport closed in 1969. At that time, there were few people around FIU and the campus was called University Park. As Miami developed westward, the area was named University Park after the campus of the university.
Until the early 1990s, the runways, parking ramps and other functions of Tamiami Airport were still visible on the campus and clearly visible in aerial photos. The building has deleted all these functions, only the University Tower retains the memory of the university’s past. University Park is a lush campus with many lakes, a 15-acre nature reserve and a palm tree garden, with more than 90 buildings. As of the end of 2009, the current construction of the University Park includes the Nursing and Health Sciences Building, the College of International and Public Affairs Building and the fifth parking garage.
On June 12, 2009, the FIU's board of directors voted unanimously to rename the University Park campus to Modesto Medick campus. However, this change caused a strong response in the FIU community, because many people believed that naming the campus after him was inappropriate. FIU students and alumni initiated a campaign to restore the name change and retain the name of the university park. A Facebook group with more than 2,000 supporters "Reject Medic Campus" has published national news in many newspapers, TV news stations and university magazines, supporting the retention of the name "University Park".