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How much to order ESSEC Business School certificate?

ESSEC Business Schoolcertificate

How much to order ESSEC Business School certificate?
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With the implementation of the Separation of Church and State in 1905, the school buildings were confiscated in 1913, forcing ESSEC to be absorbed by the Catholic Institute of Paris or ICP. As a result, school resources are significantly reduced. For example, it only has an amphitheater borrowed from ICP, and the basic part is cancelled. During this period, the subjects taught remained almost unchanged until 1960, including: language, trade history, business geography, political economy, law, and accounting. Emphasis on language teaching, 10 hours a week (4 hours in English and German, 1 hour in Italian and Spanish).
The school experienced difficulties in survival during the First World War. In 1914, there were only four students in the first year and two students in the second year. It temporarily closed its gates and did not reopen until 1915. The third optional school year was cancelled and the school did not return to financial stability until more than 50 students were welcomed in the first year of 1920. In 1923, the Student Union was established to provide a solidarity fund for war widows and orphans. In 1926, the first graduate directory was published, and three years later, the first business ethics course was opened. By 1930, the number of students had increased to 150.
Facing the crisis of the 1930s, ESSEC had to lower tuition fees to attract students who preferred public service or regular law studies. The situation became more difficult due to the gap year between 1914-1918 and the economic crisis. Schools are forced to accept high school graduates, uncertified examiners, and even free auditors who take uncertified courses.
In 1932, the Student Office was created, and the first batch of scholarships were issued in 1937, marking the beginning of the social assistance policy