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Is it safe to buy duplicate University of Washington diploma online?

duplicate University of Washington diploma

In 2017, the university reported income of US$4.893 billion and expenditure of US$5.666 billion, resulting in an operating loss of US$774 million. This loss was offset by state allocations of US$342 million, investment income of US$443 million, gifts of US$166 million, and other non-operating income of US$185 million. As a result, the net positions of the university increased by $363 million in 2017.
The donated gifts are mixed in the university’s comprehensive endowment fund, which is managed by an internal investment company and costs approximately US$6.2 million per year. The university reported that investment income for fiscal year 2017 was $443,383 thousand. As of December 31, 2017, the value of CEF was US$3.361 billion, of which emerging market stocks were US$686 million, developed market stocks were US$1.235 billion, and US$383 million included: private equity, US$185 million in actual assets, and 54 million. The opportunism of the U.S. dollar, an absolute return of $535 million and a fixed income of $283 million.
Major project
Major recent expenditures include: US$131 million for UW Animal Research and Care Facilities, US$72 million for Nano Engineering and Science Building, US$61 million for Workday HR & Payroll System Building, US$50 million for Denny Hall Renovation, and US$44 million for West. The campus public utility plant invested 26 million US dollars in the second phase of the expansion of the University of Wisconsin Medical Center, 25 million US dollars in the University of Wisconsin-Tacoma Urban Solutions Center, and 21 million US dollars in the University of Wisconsin Police Department. Workday’s initial contract was $27 million, so the total cost of $61 million represents a cost overrun of $34 million. As of April 28, 2018, nearly $1 billion in new construction at the university is underway.