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Where to purchase duplicate University of Texas at El Paso diploma?

duplicate University of Texas at El Paso diploma

Where to purchase duplicate University of Texas at El Paso diploma?
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In 1967, the 60th State Assembly of Texas designated the University of Texas as the University of Texas system, and the name of the school was changed to the University of Texas at El Paso. Although the 1967 law designated "UT El Paso" as the school's official abbreviated name, the school is more often referred to by its brand name "UTEP". Known as the school opened in 1914, the students of Chinese medicine drew a big "M" for the miners and miners in Franklin Hill in 1923; it was later moved to the location adjacent to the Sun Bowl Stadium in the 1960s and has been retained until today .
The school has made achievements in both academic and sports fields. In 1969, UTEP won seven NCAA Men's Cross Country Championships. In 1974, UTEP's first PhD program in geological sciences was approved. Also in 1974, UTEP won seven NCAA Men's Indoor Track and Field Championships. In 1975, UTEP won the NCAA Men's Outdoor and Indoor National Championships. UTEP is just one of the few universities that have won at least 21 NCAA national championships in multiple sports.
With the completion of the Engineering Science Complex, the campus was expanded in 1976. In the same year, the School of Nursing was established. In 1977, a special event center (now Don Haskins Center) was established, which can accommodate 12,000 seats for sports events, live concerts and other performances. The Sun Bowl Stadium was subsequently expanded in 1982, increasing its capacity to 52,000. The six-story university library was first opened to the public in 1984.
In 1988, Diana Natalicio became the first female president of UTEP. When she resigned in August 2019, she was the longest-serving president of a major public research university. In 1989, UTEP's second doctoral program was approved (Electrical Engineering). Subsequently, he received PhD programs in Computer Engineering, Psychology, and Environmental Science and Engineering in 1991, 1993, and 1995, respectively. The university’s cooperative pharmacy and nursing doctorate programs started in 1996 and 2000, respectively. The PhD program in Biological Sciences was launched in 1997, and later received a PhD in History in 1999. Doctoral programs in international business, civil engineering, rhetoric and composition began in 2003.
UTEP launched its MBA online degree program in 1999. The following year, it was designated as a comprehensive doctoral/research university by the Carnegie Foundation. In 2002, the $11 million Larry K. Durham Sports Center was established and the Sam Donaldson Communication Research Center was established. The Academic Services and Biological Sciences Building and the Engineering Science Building were established in 2003. The following year UTEP held a commemorative event to celebrate its 90th anniversary. The Miners football team participated in the Houston Bowl and the men’s basketball team participated in the 15th NCAA tournament.
In August 2019, Dr. Heather Wilson became the 11th President of UTEP. She served as Secretary of the United States Air Force.