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How to order a duplicate University of Tennessee diploma from USA?

 University of Tennessee diploma

How to order a duplicate University of Tennessee diploma from USA?
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On September 10, 794, two years before the founding of Tennessee, at the Southwest Legislative Assembly in Knoxville, Bronte College was established and received its charter. This new all-male non-denominational institution struggled with a small student body and faculty for 13 years, and in 1807 renamed the school East Tennessee College as a condition for income from the settlement. The 1806 contract. When the first principal and the only faculty member, Samuel Carrick, died in 1809, the school was temporarily closed until 1820. When it reopened, it began to experience more and more pain. Thomas Jefferson had previously suggested that the college leave its enclosed single building in the city and then relocate it to a place where it can be expanded. Coincidentally, in the summer of 1826 (the year Thomas Jefferson died), the trustee identified "Barbara Hill" (referred to as "Hill" today) as a potential location and moved there in 1828 . In 1840, this university was upgraded to East Tennessee University (ETU). During the charter period, the school was a religiously unaffiliated higher education institution, which is unusual, and west of the Appalachian Divide, the school is considered to be the oldest school of its kind.