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Why not buy a duplicate University of Southern California degree online

 duplicate  University of Southern California degree

Why not buy a duplicate University of Southern California degree online
The University of Southern California was established under the efforts of Judge Robert M. Widney. Robert M. Widney helped ensure the donations of several important figures in the early history of Los Angeles: The Protestant nursery, Ozro Childs, the former governor of the Irish Catholic Church, and Isaias W. Hellman, the German Jewish banker, John Gately Downey. The three people donated 308 plots of land to build the campus and provided the necessary seed funds for the construction of the first batch of buildings. The school initially established contact with the Methodist Church, and from the beginning it required that "no student will be denied admission because of race." The university was no longer affiliated with any church, and it severed its formal contact in 1952.
When the USC opened in 1880, the tuition fee was $15.00 per semester, and students were not allowed to leave town without the principal’s consent. The school enrolls 53 students and has 10 faculty members. The city lacks paved streets, lights, telephones and reliable fire alarm systems. Its first graduating class in 1884 was Minnie C. Miltimore, a class of three-to-two male and female graduate representative.
The color of USC is base and gold, which was approved by George W. White, the third presidential pastor of USC in 1896. In 1958, the golden shade of orange was changed to a more yellow shade. The messenger's award is the first person to make a change.