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Do you need a duplicate University of Phoenix degree

 University of Phoenix degree

Do you need a duplicate University of Phoenix degree
The University of Phoenix has received regional accreditation from the Higher Education Commission (HLC) since 1978. In February 2013, a peer review team recommended to the HLC that the university be suspended because the University of Phoenix “has insufficient autonomy relative to its parent company.” On May 9, 2013, the Apollo team reported to the Securities and Exchange Commission. A report was submitted stating that the First Committee of the HLC Institutional Action Council (IACFC) has recommended to HLC that the university retain its regional accreditation, but put the university on the “notice” for two years. Their focus is on university management, student evaluation, and teacher scholarships related to doctoral degrees. In July 2015, the Higher Committee removed the University of Phoenix from its announcement status.
Certain colleges within the University of Phoenix have professional qualifications or have been pre-approved by accredited institutions recognized by the Higher Education Accreditation Board.
Business School-Accredited by the Business School and Program Certification Board (ACBSP). Because Phoenix’s business courses are not accredited by the Association of Advanced Business Schools (AACSB), some companies will not provide tuition compensation for employees participating in Phoenix.
School of Education-Master of Education is recognized by the Teacher Education Accreditation Committee (TEAC)
School of Nursing-BS and MS degree programs are accredited by the University Council of Nursing Education (CCNE),
School of Social Sciences-Community Psychological Counseling Professional Master's Program (Phoenix and Tucson campuses only), Mental Health Counseling Psychology Master's Program (Utah Campus only) and Clinical Psychological Counseling Master's Program Mental Health Counseling (Phoenix and Tucson only) Campus) is accredited by the Advisory and Related Educational Program Recognition Committee (CACREP).