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How to buy a duplicate University of Newcastle (Australia) transcript?

duplicate University of Newcastle (Australia) transcript

How to buy a duplicate University of Newcastle (Australia) transcript?
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The University of Newcastle (UON), informally known as the University of Newcastle, is a public university in Australia. It was established in 1965. It is located in the main campus of Callahan, in the suburbs of Newcastle, New South Wales. The university also has campuses in Olympia, Port Macquarie, Singapore, Newcastle Central Business District and Sydney Central Business District.
Historically, the Newcastle University School of Medicine has implemented a problem-based learning system for its undergraduate medical degree program-the system was later authorized by the Australian Medical Council to be used throughout Australia. It was the first to use the Undergraduate Medical and Health Sciences Entrance Test (UMAT) in the early 1990s. Since then, UMAT has been widely accepted by different medical schools in Australia as an additional selection criterion.
Newcastle University is a member of the Association of Australian Universities and Higher Business Schools.