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Where to obtain a duplicate University of Houston–Downtown degree?

University of Houston–Downtown degree

Where to obtain a duplicate University of Houston–Downtown degree?
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Recognizing the need to establish a university in downtown Houston, the Board of Directors of the University of Houston acquired the assets of South Texas Junior College on August 6, 1974, and opened the University of Houston-Urban College (UH / DC) A one-year college organized and controlled by the University of Houston. By August 1979, when the 66th Texas State Legislature established UH/DC as an independent institution at the University of Houston System University, it became an independent university.
The university’s first four-year degree is a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and the tuition fee for local students is US$4 per credit hour. The school purchased the first and only dormitory in 1981. The dormitory, formerly Harley Hotel at 101 Main Street, was called the University Center and remained until the university until it was demolished in 1991. In favor of decoration.
On April 26, 1983, the word "college" was deleted from the institution's name and became the University of Houston Downtown (UHD). In Houston's booming decade, UHD successfully named the Merchant and Manufacturer Building as the National Register of Historic Places, degree programs continued to grow, and UHD's first red rose ball became a fundraising event. In 1984 the tuition fee increased to $12 per credit hour. By the fall of 1988, more than 8,300 students had enrolled on campus.
In 1992, Max Castillo led the university from San Antonio College. In the 1990s, UHD was committed to becoming a metropolitan university that was attractive to both traditional students and working professionals. In the early 1990s, UHD also started a major partnership with community colleges and added a teacher certification program to urban education to meet the greater demand for qualified teachers in Houston. During this time, weekend college classes began, and the new teaching building and Jesse H. Jones Student Life Center opened.
At the end of the 1990s, UHD moved forward again and was fully recognized by the Texas Legislature and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Committee to provide graduate programs. The university's first master's degree in criminal justice was approved. UHD also began offering degree programs at Lone Star College University Center and eventually at the UH System Teaching Center in Cinco Ranch. With the advent of the new millennium, UHD has continued to expand and grow. A master's degree in criminal justice and teaching has been added. The growth of the body also continued. The Willow Street Pumping Station was renovated, and a new brick commercial street building was opened at the corner of Commercial Street and Main Street to provide a new residence for the School of Public Service. With the growth of UHD, the number of students attending the opening ceremony also increased. In 2002, UHD became the first university to award a degree in Minute Maid Park. UHD’s wireless campus has won national recognition, and the Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business became the university’s first online degree. In November 2007, the Shea Street building opened and became the new home of UHD Business School.