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How long to get a duplicate Université du Québec certificate online

 Université du Québec certificate

The University of Quebec system was established by the Quebec National Assembly in 1968, mainly in response to large-scale student protests that broke out in the fall of that year. In order to expand education to more Quebec students, the government established the CEGEP system to facilitate entry into universities. However, Quebec does not have enough French universities to accommodate the influx of new students after completing CEGEP. The existing French-speaking universities can only accommodate 40% of CEGEP graduates. For students who only obtain the CEGEP certificate, the employment prospects are not good. As a result, student protests began to spread throughout the province. A total of 23 CEGEPs, the University of Montreal and the University of Laval were occupied by student protesters. Thousands of French-speaking students took to the streets to protest, while others stuffed themselves into the CEGEP, and they refused to leave until their demands were met.
Although students’ demands are often not met, and individual protests have largely been unsuccessful, they have attracted the attention of Quebec lawmakers. Part of the result of this turmoil was that the Quebec government decided to pass a resolution that would establish a new French-speaking university network in Quebec. As the province is in the midst of a "quiet revolution," secularism is closely related to Quebec society and a new generation of young people who reject Catholics, demanding the rule of Quebec society and the replacement of traditional, existing religious institutions. To ease the influx of CEGEP students, five universities were established in 1969 and 1970. They were placed in cities across the province to provide equal education in areas with traditionally limited opportunities for higher education (such as Rimouski and Abitibi) opportunity. In the 1970s, the Sixth University will be added to the network, and the University of Quebec has Gatineau in the Utaway district. This university network is modeled after the existing American university system at that time.