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How to purchase duplicate Trident University International diploma online?

Trident University International diploma

How to purchase duplicate Trident University International diploma online?
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It was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Cypress, California. Currently, the university has more than 30,000 alumni.
The story of the Trident in AIU and the international establishment of Touro University, the Dulu College, was founded in July 1998 by its founders, Dr. Yoram Neumann and Edith Neumann. ) Co-founded (private non-profit organization). It is the first university in the world to offer online doctoral programs recognized by the region without residency requirements. Touro University International was initially accredited by the Central Ministry of Higher Education (MSCHE). Touro College-including Touro University International Campus-was subsequently recertified by MSCHE in 2004. Due to its location in California, strong growth, financial and operational stability, and unique online delivery model, Turo University International has obtained separate certifications. Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) [now known as WASC Advanced Colleges and Universities Committee (WSCUC)]. In October 2005, under new ownership, the management team continued to lead the institution, while the learning model, faculty and staff maintained a central role in the quality and vitality of the university. In January 2011, TUI University officially changed its name to Trident International University. On March 29, 2015, Jones International University (JIU) announced that it will be closed in 2016 and has signed a formal transfer agreement with Trident University International, which will provide all JIU students with a personalized customized learning plan and provide Their academic transition provides a trident of opportunities. Trident also announced plans to rename its business school, The Glenn R. Jones School of Business Administration. In March 2019, the vocational education company reached an agreement to acquire Trident University International from Summit Partners for a price of US$3.5-44 million, and merge the acquisition into the American Intercontinental University of the vocational education company as a branch campus. On February 19, 2020, AIU's Trident was officially recognized by the Higher Education Commission-North Central High School. Trident withdrew from the WASC Advanced College and University Council (WSCUC) accreditation on March 2, 2020.