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Thomas Edison State University degree

Thomas Edison State University moved into downtown Trenton in September 1979, while other institutions were evacuating the city. This 7-year-old university spent three years in the Forrestal Center outside Princeton and needed room to grow. At the same time, the state is looking for suitable tenants for the landmark Kelsey Building adjacent to the New Jersey State Capitol and the State Capitol Historic District, while New York City is trying to retain the building as a school for historical purposes. Behind the Kelsey Building and the five adjoining mid-19th century brick townhouses is Petty's Run, which leads directly to the Delaware River. In the early 1730s, Petty's Run powered an electroplating factory and drove a steel furnace before the middle of this century.
The Kelsey Building was built by A. Henry Cooper Kelsey in 1911 and is one of the city's architectural landmarks. Before serving as the headquarters of Thomas Edison State University, it also housed three other schools. The Kelsey Building (Kelsey Building) is based on the Florentine palace Palazzo Strozzi (Palazzo Strozzi). The main structure was designed in 1910 by the world-renowned architect Cass Gilbert (designer of Woolworth Building in New York City). In 2011, the Kelsey Building celebrated its 100th anniversary.
The university’s campus has grown over the years, and currently includes the Kelsey Building on West State Street, the Townhouse Building, the Learning and Technology Center and the Kuser Building. The Academic Center and Canal Bank Building are located on West Street in Hanover.
Thomas Edison State University has been actively restoring several historic buildings in downtown Trenton, retaining the essence of the city’s legendary history and stimulating economic development. In 2013, TESU announced the completion of a new nursing simulation laboratory (funded by Bristol Myers Squibb) and is expected to open a 34,360 square foot nursing education center on the former Glenn Kane Arms site this spring. Apartment buildings on West State and Calhoun streets.