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how can I buy a duplicate Rush University degree online

duplicate Rush University degree

how can I buy a duplicate Rush University degree online
The history of Rush University Medical Center can be traced back to March 2, 1837, when the Rush Medical School received its charter. Daniel Brainard, MD, founded Rush Medical College in March 1837, only two days after Chicago was chartered as a city. Rush Medical School was officially opened to the public on December 4, 1843. After 7 years of development, a total of 22 students participated in the 16-week course.
The university is named after Benjamin Rush. Benjamin Rush is a signatory of the Declaration of Independence and a physician in Pennsylvania. He counts George Washington as His patients. After the Revolutionary War, he became a medical and humanitarian leader. He was also a social activist, a well-known supporter of public medical institutions that abolished slavery, provided scientific education to the general public including women, and provided treatment for the poor. He died in 1813 and is the most famous physician in the United States.
Like most medical schools in the 19th century, Rush is a proprietary institution owned and operated by a group of doctors who, together with Brainard, established a business in young Chicago. The Presbyterian Hospital is the teaching hospital of Rush and opened in 1884. After the Chicago Fire in 1871, Rush abandoned the destroyed campus and rebuilt it near the West End occupied today.
By the end of that century, Rush was one of the largest and most outstanding medical schools in the country, and became a major supplier of doctors in the rural areas of the Middle East and Far West. The college sought to establish academic links with a major university, which was a common practice in independent medical schools of that era. In 1898, the school was affiliated with the University of Chicago. In the first century of operation, more than 10,000 doctors have been trained at Rush Medical School.