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Rice’s campus is located in the Houston Museum District, adjacent to the Western University Square City, and is a densely wooded area of ​​285 acres (115 hectares).
The campus is divided into 5 streets: Greenbriar Street, Rice Avenue, Sunset Avenue, Main Street and University Avenue. For most of its history, all of Rice's buildings have been included in this "outer circle". In recent years, new facilities have been built near the campus, but most of the administrative, academic and residential buildings are still located in the original pentagonal land. The new cooperative research center, all graduate dormitories, the Greenbriar Building and the Wiess Presidential Palace are located off campus.
Rice is proud of the green space available on campus. There are only about 50 buildings between the easternmost main entrance and the parking lot and the Rice Stadium in the west. The R. Botanical Garden in Lynn Lowrey, which consists of more than 4000 species of trees and shrubs (giving birth to the legend that Rice has a tree for every student), is spread across the campus.
Edgar Odell Lovett, the first president of the university, intends to make the campus have a uniform architectural style to increase its aesthetic appeal. For this reason, almost every building on the campus has a distinct Byzantine style. Sand and pink bricks, large arches and columns are common themes in many campus buildings. Notable exceptions include the glass curtain wall Brochstein Pavilion, Lovett College with its Fauvist concrete grille, Moody Center with its modern design art and the eclectic Mediterranean Duncan Hall. In September 2011, Travel + Leisure listed Rice's campus as one of the most beautiful campuses in the United States.
Architectural details on the columns of Lavitt Hall
Lovett Hall, named after Rice’s first principal, is the university’s most iconic campus building. Through its Sallyport arch, freshmen enter the university symbolically during their enrollment period and leave as graduates upon graduation. Rice’s computational engineering building, Duncan Hall, aims to encourage collaboration between the four different departments there. The front hall of the building is drawn from a variety of world cultures and designed by architects to symbolically express this collaborative purpose.