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How to achieve duplicate Oral Roberts University diploma?

duplicate Oral Roberts University diploma

How to achieve duplicate Oral Roberts University diploma?
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In 1962, Oro Roberts University in southern Tulsa, Oklahoma officially broke ground. The university received a charter from Oklahoma the following year, and Ola Roberts University officially opened in 1965, enrolling 300 students and seven major buildings. This university was founded by Oral Roberts. "It is the result of the missionary Oral Roberts obeying God’s orders and establishing a university under God’s authority and the Holy Spirit. God’s commission to Oral Roberts is to "raise up your students to listen to my voice." , To go to places where my light is dim, my voice is very small, and my healing power is unknown, even to the very edge of the earth. "Their work will exceed yours, and I am very happy about it." Roberts paid special attention to the prayer tower, although the concept of building a building dedicated to prayer in the center of the campus caused considerable tension because some academic leaders were worried The school cannot obtain certification for such a building. But this tower designed by architect Frank Wallace was completed in 1967 at a cost of $2 million, which is another source of controversy. Upon completion, Roberts called for three days of prayer and fasting. At the inauguration ceremony of the university in 1967, evangelist Billy Graham was the keynote speaker.
The first partial graduation occurred in 1968, and the first full graduation occurred in 1969. In 1971, Oral Roberts University was accredited by the North Central Association.
ORU was accredited by the Higher Education Committee of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in 1971. It is also accredited by the Association of Theological Seminaries of the United States and Canada.
In the first ten years of the school’s establishment, many campus landmarks have been completed, such as the Howard Auditorium, Graduate Center, Maby Center and Christ Church.
The law’s OW Cockburn School opened in 1979. In 1986, the university “closed its ailing law school and sent Kupat Robertson to a biblical university in Virginia”, and subsequently established the Regent College of Law.