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Where can I buy duplicate Open University of Hong Kong of Science diploma?

duplicate Open University of Hong Kong of Science diploma

Where can I buy duplicate Open University of Hong Kong of Science diploma?
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The Open University of Hong Kong (The Open University) is a statutory university located in Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong. The Hong Kong British Government Open University was established in 1989 and consists of five schools, the arts and social sciences are the school, the Lee Shau Kee College of Business Management, the School of Education and Language, the School of Nursing and Health Studies, and the School of Science and Technology.
The Open University of Hong Kong is the only self-financing university established by the government. It was originally a university based on distance learning, but now it is actually two universities combined into one. It has offered full-time courses since 2001 and has participated in Hong Kong's Centralized United University Admission System (JUPAS) since 2007. Currently, its full-time face-to-face courses have more than 9,600 students, accounting for one-sixth of all undergraduate students in Hong Kong. The current chairman is Professor Huang Yushan.
In May 1989, the Hong Kong government established the Hong Kong Open Learning Institute. OLI is Hong Kong's first higher education institution based on distance learning. OLI uses a flexible academic grading system that allows its students to gradually accumulate credits in stages until they successfully obtain a degree. In August 1992, the Hong Kong government announced that it would accept OLI graduates to apply for positions requiring a university degree. In November 1992, OLI opened 17 degree programs, which were recognized by the Hong Kong Council for Academic Qualifications. In November 1993, OLI held its first gathering.