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Where to get a duplicate Middle Tennessee State University transcript?

duplicate Middle Tennessee State University transcript

Where to get a duplicate Middle Tennessee State University transcript?
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The Middle Tennessee Normal School (MTSNS or MTNS) opened on September 11, 1911 for a two-year period to train teachers. By 1925, the university developed into a four-year normal college and received a bachelor of science degree, and the name of the institution was changed to Tennessee State Middle Normal College for the first time. This school is usually abbreviated as "STC". In 1943, the United Nations General Assembly designated the institution as a state college and renamed it Tennessee State High School for the second time. This new identity marked a great departure from the founding purpose and opened the way for the expansion of curriculum products and programs. In 1965, the institution was upgraded to a university and changed its name to Central Tennessee State University. In October 2010, the Student Government Association of MTSU proposed that the university be renamed Middle Tennessee University, although the approval of the university administration and the Tennessee Board of Directors was required at that time.
During the transition from a two-year normal university to a university, several important milestones may be identified. In 1936, the Bachelor of Arts course was added. In order to meet the needs expressed in the service area of ​​the institution, the Graduate School was established in 1951. In order to achieve better communication and improve administrative supervision, the school concept was introduced in 1962.
With the development and growth of Tennessee State University, the Doctor of Arts program was added in 1970, and the education specialist program was added in 1974. These degree courses have become an important part of attracting others to improve and enhance the role of the institution. Library resources have increased dramatically, and advanced computer services have been developed to assist teaching and management. Well-trained faculty and staff enable the university to continue to increase the range of courses. In 1991, the six schools (five undergraduate and graduate schools) of the university became universities. In 1998, MTSU's honor program became the first honor school in the state. In 2002, it approved the redistribution of the three DA programs to the Doctor of Philosophy program, which expanded the scope of services of the progressive organization. PhD programs now include computational science, mathematics and science education (including concentrated learning in biology education, chemistry education, mathematics education, and interdisciplinary science education), molecular biological sciences, economics, English, human performance, public history, and Literacy research.
Since 1911, more than 100,000 students have graduated from MTSU. Although the university’s campus has grown from a 100-acre (0.40 km 2) campus with 125 students and 19 faculty members to an academic city with 500 acres (2.0 km 2), there are still more than 26,000 students (Tennessee’s No. The second largest), the college has more than 900 employees, in fact it is still a "Renmin University", it is concerned about the diversified needs of its service areas. In the 1980s and 1990s, the institution invested a lot of resources to make it a technology leader in classrooms and many service areas for students.