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Where to order duplicate Miami University diplomas

  Miami University diplomas

In 1946, in order to accommodate the increased number of students after the war, UM acquired the former Richmond Naval Air Station, located in southwest Miami, 12 miles (19 kilometers) south of the main campus. After World War II, the campus was immediately acquired and provided classrooms, housing and other facilities for approximately 1,100 students (mainly freshmen) for the two academic years. In 1948, it was reused as a research facility. In the 1960s, some buildings were leased to the Central Intelligence Agency. South Campus Grove was established in 1948 and covers an area of ​​350 acres (1,400,000 m 2) for agricultural research and horticultural research. For 20 years, UM has used radioactive isotopes at the Shangnan campus of biology research, and the burial materials include radiation animals on the site. In August 2006, in accordance with the Superfund Act, UM agreed to reimburse the Army Corps of Engineers for cleanup costs of $393,473. Its six buildings provide 63,800 square feet (5,930 m 2) of current houses: Global Public Health Research Group, Miami Human Genomics Institute, Forensic Toxicology Laboratory (for the analysis of DUI suspicious blood samples), and Microbiology And immunology. The University of Miami had planned to build a south campus on the property, but instead sold 80 acres of land. The university no longer owns the land located on the southern campus.
The Richmond campus covers an area of ​​76 acres (310,000 m 2). It was formerly the National Standard Time Standards Laboratory of the United States Naval Observatory. The factory already has buildings for ultra-long baseline interferometry (VLBI) and 20M antennas. The Rosenstiel School Southeast Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing Center and the Richmond Satellite Operations Center (RSOC) have research facilities on part of the new campus.