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Where can I purchase duplicate Macquarie University degree and transcript

duplicate Macquarie University degree and transcript

Where can I purchase duplicate Macquarie University degree and transcript
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The main campus of Macquarie University is located about 16 kilometers (9.9 miles) northwest of Sydney’s Central Business District, on 126 hectares of undulating lawns and natural woodland. Macquarie University is located in the high-tech corridor northwest of Sydney, close to Macquarie Park and its surrounding industries. For its development into a research-intensive university, Macquarie’s geographical location is crucial.
Before campus development, most of the sites were planted in Taoyuan, market gardens and poultry farms. The university’s first architect-planner was Walter Abraham (Walter Abraham), one of the first six administrators appointed by Macquarie University. When the site was adapted from the former rural use to the busy university environment, he implemented a carefully designed planting plan on the campus. Abraham built a grid design that included 300 square feet (28 m 2) running from south to north, with the goal of creating a compact academic core. A height of 300 feet (91 m) is considered a one-minute walk, and the grid design reflects the goal of a maximum of 10 minutes of walking between any two parts of the university. The main east-west aisle extending from the Macquarie University Research Park to the Art Institute building was named the Wally Trail in recognition of Walter Abraham's contribution to the development of the university.
In addition to the learning center, the campus also houses Macquarie University Research Park, museum, art gallery, sculpture park, observatory, sports and aquatic center, and a private Macquarie University hospital. The campus has its own postcode 2109.